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Hearing Aids in the Presence of Background Noise

Virtually all patients wearing hearing aids complain about background noise at one time or another. There is no way to completely eliminate background noise.

Background noise exists and is important to hear in order for the hearing aid user to be involved in their environment. There is no way to completely eliminate background noise, however, technology exists today to reduce distracting noise and allow you to focus better on the person you want to hear.



At Clarity Hearing Aid Center we recognize how important better hearing & communication is to your life. Thats why we offer the latest in advanced hearing instruments, with uncompromising quality of care and a guarantee of total satisfaction. Allow Clarity Hearing Aid Center to help you hear the sounds you have been missing.

A routine hearing test is an important part of good health practices, to maintain your overall well being. Clarity Hearing Aid Center uses the latest state of the art equipment to evaluate your hearing and assist you in determining your hearing healthcare needs.

We carry a wide selection of digital, programmable, and analog hearing aids in cosmetically appealing styles for less! Contact us today to schedule an appointment at 520-219-1151.

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patient testimonials

Thank you so much for providing me with my new pair of Hearing Aids. In addition to your service being pleasant and accurate, the hearing aids literally changed my life!

I have been wearing aids for approximately 12 years, but these new models are so much better than anything else I have ever had. I am delighted with them.

I highly recommend you and your company to anyone who has any degree of hearing loss. Thanks again.

Michael T. of Tucson, AZ


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