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I have a problem hearing over the phone.
I have trouble following the conversation when two or more people are talking at the same time.
People complain that I turn the TV volume too high.
I have to strain to understand conversations.
I have trouble hearing conversations in a noisy background such as a party.
I miss hearing some common sounds like the phone or doorbell ring.
I get confused about where sounds come from.
I misunderstand some words in a sentence and need to ask people to repeat themselves.
I especially have trouble understanding the speech of women and children.
I have worked in noisy environments.
Many people mumble when they talk.
People get annoyed because I misunderstand what is being said.
I misunderstand what others are saying and make inappropriate responses.
I avoid social activities because I cannot hear well and fear that I'll reply improperly.
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patient testimonials

Thank you so much for providing me with my new pair of Hearing Aids. In addition to your service being pleasant and accurate, the hearing aids literally changed my life!

I have been wearing aids for approximately 12 years, but these new models are so much better than anything else I have ever had. I am delighted with them.

I highly recommend you and your company to anyone who has any degree of hearing loss. Thanks again.

Michael T. of Tucson, AZ


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